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Welcome to the website of Adhocracy Incorporated! Adhocracy, or ADHC for short, is one of the oldest surviving wormhole corporations in EVE Online. ADHC was established in 2008 and has been living in wormhole space since 2009. We spend the majority of our time there running sites, huffing gas, mining rocks, and – most importantly – hunting everyone else also trying to do these things. If it’s in wormhole space, we probably have members who are doing it.

Our members are mature, experienced players who strive to get the most out of EVE. True to the Adhocratic ways, we have very few restrictions, and actively encourage all members to participate as much or as little as they like in ongoing operations. One does not need to have special titles, roles or permissions to run operations; any member can do so and drive content and/or ping for assistance as content is discovered.

ADHC is active in both the EU and US timezone. We live in Hub, a C2 system with C4 and high-sec statics, putting us at the center of the wormhole crossroads with good access to both content and k-space.

We have an active Slack, Mumble, and private forums. Our model for members has been greatly simplified giving scouts and members the opportunity to benefit more directly from the rewards they find

Are you interested in joining us? Check out our Applying to Adhocracy page for more information!